QUANTEEC innovates beyond traditional video delivery to eliminate capacity issues and to absorb unexpected high volumes of viewers, reducing costs and energy at the same time.

Signal - Improve Delivery
Improve delivery
Coin - Cost Savings
Reduce expenses
Battery - Save Energy
Save energy

QUANTEEC redefines streaming delivery with a web3-inspired beyond-P2P tech, surpassing the limits of traditional systems to ensure higher reliability, performance and quality, instant peaks absorption, sustainability, and significant cost reduction.

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    QUANTEEC technology goes beyond a simple peer-to-peer solution and acts as the ideal complement to CDN delivery.

    The algorithms have been conceived to reach maximum performance with absolutely no compromise on quality, neither on latency, while scaling instantaneously to more than 50 times more viewers without any additional infrastructure. Where traditional CDN streaming could need to lower down quality for very high audience streams due to delivery capacity issues, QUANTEEC guarantees each single viewer will receive the quality expected, even in 4K, and with the latency targeted, down to 2 seconds.

    The more the viewers, the better QUANTEEC works, efficiently handling all traffic peaks and helping CDN servers performing as expected.

  • Maximise energy savings

    QUANTEEC concept relies on already-produced and already-deployed devices at the end-users premises.

    The approach has been elaborated with the idea of optimizing the usage of already-existing resources. Today's laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, etc. definitely have the capacities to stream and this function employs less than 5% of the CPU, never exceeds 2% of the battery power and consumes at least 3 times less energy per stream than what a CDN server would have needed.

    Doing more with less is the motto of QUANTEEC, optimizing the overall streaming energy consumption by relying on the capacities of already-existing devices rather than producing, deploying, cooling new servers and buiding the whole infrastructure around them.

  • Save costs on delivery

    QUANTEEC business model is centered on making our clients become more profitable, by substantially saving on their delivery costs.

    The model has been created for all broadcasters, OTT content providers, live and/or VOD technology Onlive Video Platform (OVP) providers but also for partnering with video players suppliers, technology stacks companies and CDN providers. Using QUANTEEC lowers down global delivery costs by minimum 25% but also CAPEX and OPEX costs by far more, for those handling and/or deploying a private CDN infrastructure.

    Costs savings constitutes the third pillar of QUANTEEC, the ultimate objective being to build a win-win relationship with our clients and partners making sure technological performance meets business effectiveness, while achieving a real sustainable impact on the planet.

The QUANTEEC Community

Our clients are more than just customers. They are our partners and we cannot imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their streaming objectives thanks to QUANTEEC.

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Currently, quanteec is being used on:

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QUANTEEC performance:

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