who we are

QUANTEEC is an innovative tech company based in Bordeaux, France. At QUANTEEC, we proud ourselves on being a team of passionates about Video! Relying on strong R&D background (MSc, PhD) across all video and networking-related fields, we strive each day to bring to viewers the best video experience focusing on three key values.

Our values

QUANTEEC is guided by these core values and principles that form the cornerstone of all our actions and decisions.

“more with less”
through innovation, we can continue to expand streaming without destroying the planet in the process.

OUR founders

QUANTEEC is guided by the core
values  and principles that form the cornerstone of all our actions and decisions.

Daniel Negru


With two decades in video streaming, his expertise is affirmed by authoring 75 papers and receiving awards for his contributions. He has also co-founded two tech startups and played a key role in 16 European R&D projects.

Mathias Lacaud


Armed with a PhD., this founder is a recognized expert in multimedia content delivery optimization and a contributor to open-source software, with his work earning three distinct awards in the field.

Our commitment to Sustainability

Relying on its eco-consciousness value, QUANTEEC is strongly engaged into sustainability aspects at various stages, down from the deep technical concept and up to the participation to dedicated international groups, such as Greening of Streaming or DPP.

Our profound objective is to drive a positive change towards good-sense practices in the world of steaming and to accompany its unstoppable expansion with the least possible energy.Towards this goal, QUANTEEC impact has been awarded by esteemed organizations, gaining recognition for the work done and insufflating a momentum for going further.

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QUANTEEC ecosystem

Besides the involvement in the sustainability domain, QUANTEEC is deeply involved in organizations for driving innovation and excellence in streaming.

QUANTEEC was also recognized by prestigious awards in the field for its innovative approach and all the benefits it brings to the streaming industry.

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Listed in the Global SportsTech Startup Selection 2023

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