Quanteec: the optimized solution for fair video streaming

Quanteec represents the ultimate solution to address today’s volume, quality and resource constraints, increasingly present in the field of video streaming on the Internet.
The substantial increase in the number of people consuming online video has generated many dimensioning problems, impacting regularly very popular events, and drastically over-consuming energy (e.g., 2018 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champion's League, Super Bowl, and many other examples).
Through its multi-source Viewers-CDN dimension integrating outstanding flow aggregation dynamic algorithms, Quanteec offers the ideal solution built around 3 core principles:

Quality, efficiency and energy saving.
Quanteec absorbs audience peaks, provides the best possible quality to each viewer, while maintaining costs low and optimizing resources use. This enlightens the concept of Fair Streaming.

Quanteec Fair Streaming Pillars

Quality of delivery

Treat me or lose me.
Since poor quality means viewers churn, Quanteec evaluates the optimum quality each viewer is capable to receive and ensures its delivery, relying on its flow aggregation capability.

What to expect?
All Quanteec deployments reveal minimum 90% of users experiencing the best possible video quality.

Efficiency, especially for large audience events

The more the merrier.
Quanteec absorbs audience peaks thanks to its multi-source viewers-CDN dimension. The more the viewers, the better Quanteec works, and the higher the quality for each.

What to expect?
Thanks to Quanteec, minimum 40% more users can be served with exactly the same infrastructure, up to 85% in case of very popular live events.

Energy saving

No plan(et) B. / Less is more.
Quanteec maximizes the use of peer nodes, reducing to the minimum the need of high consuming servers and cloud infrastructures. Direct impact: less resources, more energy saved.

What to expect?
Quanteec spends less than 0.5 KWh every 24 hours for one stream to more than 1000 viewers, saving minimum 20% of energy compared to a non-Quanteec solution on the same infrastructure*.

Best quality for your viewers. Maximum direct revenues and visibility. Least impact on the planet.
Get Quanteec Now and start 'Fair-Stream' live and on-demand videos!

*Based on the International Energy Agency (IEA) calculations recommendations. Click for details.

Quanteec is available
as a plug-in* and as a full platform



Fully comprehensive plug-in solution, incorporating:

  • Compliance with all HLS or MPEG-DASH video players, such as dash.js, hls.js, video.js, Shaka Player, Momindum, Brightcove, and more, on demand
  • Live and VOD streaming from any sources
  • Full compatibility with any existing infrastructure, requiring zero-configuration in the back-end

Quanteec Plug-in integrates in a plug-and-play manner accessible across all media devices using a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browsers – Detailed analytics are provided via a chartered dashboard or through an API.

Besides being fully secured with latest innovations in encryption techniques, Quanteec Plug-in makes video delivery more qualitative, more efficient in terms of servers' usage and greater resources consumption management, hence enabling Fair Streaming.

The eCDN feature can be turned on in one click and all the options to deploy your corporate videos in an optimal and secured way will be visible.

1k hours of viewing time for:
€ 100 / month



Quanteec Platform encompasses the needed features for 'fair-streaming' a live or VOD feed, from ingestion to delivery, including storage and encoding. In doing so, Quanteec Platform provides the possibility to group and to handle all streams from one place, through a web interface and through a powerful API.

  • Ingestion through HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, and others
  • Live ingestion and direct streaming from cameras, including smartphones
  • Encoding in multiple formats, in multiple bitrates for the best quality output
  • Quanteec Player included and all its features
  • Real-time live and in-depth analytics
  • Live streaming and recording. Simulcast to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more
  • eCDN feature for optimal delivery of corporate videos
  • Much more features and specific ones on demand

1k hours of viewing time + 3TB of storage + 10 live 24/7 encodings for:
€ 200 / month

*Quanteec is also available as a full HTML5 video Player with full customization. It integrates adaptive video bitrate features and is fully compliant with MPEG-DASH and HLS. It is available inside both offers and switching from Quanteec Plug-in to Quanteec Player comes with no additional costs, under the same conditions.

One technology for every need. Endless possibilities.

124/7 live cameras
24/7 live cameras streaming management.
Full encoding process and mass delivery at the 'fairest' price: starting at 10€ per month per camera stream.
Launch on your website/app live streaming of any event captured instantly from a smartphone (or a camera) and record it as well.
When viewers churn is of the essence, the Quanteec technology answers with prime optimal quality solutions, regardless of the size of audience. For any marketing, communication or training video that needs to be distributed with perfect quality to thousands of users without losing the property, Quanteec is your solution.
Producer? Communication agency? Broadcaster? Corporate communication? Quanteec is made for you! The Quanteec technology is built so to ultimately address the needs of any video content market provider, including the most crucial asset : Quanteec takes care of the tech, the videos always stay YOURS.

Affordable and fair streaming services for every business

Quanteec proposes customizable services based on the size of your business and your streaming needs, may it be for very few VOD or live sessions per month or multiple continuous 24/7 streams. Quanteec pricing is set upon fairness and transparency principles. No headaches in calculating costs : the on-going monthly fee is constantly visible and updated instantaneously according to the usage, depending on:

alternative Total viewing time.

alternative Total viewing time + Storage + Simultaneous live encodings.

  • 1
    High quality is on top of the list when it comes to the way we create our services.
  • 2
    Efficiency is what we constantly strive for in the technology we develop.
  • 3
    Innovation is our moto driving us to push forward and beyond.
  • 4
    Technological expertise is the backebone supporting our daily quest to success.
  • 5
    Adaptation to each client need is what differentiates us.
  • 6
    Fairness and environment preservation are the values at the base of everything we do.

Additional features to improve Quanteec are always on development. Feel free to contact us for specific demands.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for all our clients. To this end, we are constantly present to help you to solve any issues that might arise when using our products.

All our solutions come with basic email support, with guaranteed response within 48 hours.

Priority support is available for 200€ per month and includes:

  • Support through email, Skype, phone, dedicated channel on your online account.
  • Guaranteed response within the working day.
  • 2h training session per month.
  • 20% discount off on any additional features development.

Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives thanks to Quanteec.

I am a video producer. We use Quanteec Platform for a new concept of live in direct streaming and VOD. With Quanteec, we are able to deploy HD video content in very high quality, at high bitrates. Their reactivity gave us the possibility to develop new features, specifically dedicated to our website, in a glance.
Eric Deup - Founder
Quanteec Platform suits our needs for the delivery of thousands of live and VOD streams every day. We experienced several peaks and the scaling responded as expected. On most popular cameras, we constantly have more than 50% of offload and the quality is present. The partnership we linked together is very efficient and reactive. We definitely recommend!
David Grether - CEO
The guys from Quanteec have managed to provide us with additional functionalities we were seeking for years. They are very responsive and professional. Quanteec Platform is the tool I needed for my business: streaming videos with the best possible quality and with specific features.
Christophe Alemany - General Manager

Want to get your hands on Quanteec?

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  • Experience Quanteec with one live and VOD streams totally for free.
  • Up to 5 simultaneous viewers maximum.
  • All Quanteec Plug-in, Player or Platform features available for testing.

*Without subscribing, your account and all your data will be automatically erased after 7 days.


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